The Executive Team


Klaus-Anders Nysteen started as the CEO of Lindorff Group in March 2015.

Lindorff Group's Executive Team:

Klaus-Anders profile picture_small.jpg


Klaus-Anders Nysteen, CEO





Group functions

Hans Larsson.jpg (Bredde 70)


Hans Larsson,
Chief of Staff, Deputy CEO

Scott_Danielsen_1web.jpg (Bredde 70)


Scott Danielsen, CFO

knut-eirik-storsul.png (Bredde 70)


Knut Eirik Storsul, CIO

Turkka Kuusisto FI.jpg (Bredde 70)


Turkka Kuusisto,
Head of Debt Collection


AndersEndahl300px.png (Bredde 70)


Anders Engdahl,
Head of Debt Purchasing

GeirInge Skålevik ET.jpg (Bredde 70)


Geir Inge Skålevik,
General counsel

Siv Farstad ET.jpg (Bredde 70)
Siv Farstad,
Senior Vice President, HR


Country managers




Anette_Willumsen.jpg (Thumbnail (95x95))


Anette Willumsen
Country Manager, Norway

Erica.jpg (Bredde 70)


Erika Rönnquist Hoh
Country Manager, Sweden









Lisbeth Dalum Hansen
Country Manager, Denmark

tuijakeronen2.JPG (Bredde 70)


Tuija Keronen
Country Manager, Finland







david perez.jpg (Bredde 70)


David Perez
Country Manager, Spain

2013 Florian Wöretshofer.jpg (Bredde 70)


Florian Wöretshofer
Country Manager, Germany









Henk Kroeze
Country Manager, 
The Netherlands