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Working in Lindorff means working in a company committed to helping people. With 4400 employees in 12 countries, and well on our way to be the largest global provider of credit services, we are always looking for new talents.
We are determined to be part of shaping tomorrow's solutions.

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The global world of credit management is changing rapidly and we are determined to be part of shaping tomorrow’s solutions. While having eyes on the market and adapting to the external changes, we are continuously improving our services to meet the high expectations from our clients and customers. In Lindorff we don’t settle with solutions that work – we seek solutions that makes life easier. If you’re the kind of person that sees opportunities in challenges, you might be the one we are looking for.

Once you work for Lindorff, you will soon understand that people, both employees, clients and customers, are the heart of our business.

We are present in 12 countries in Europe, and with 4400 talented coworkers we always try to exceed the expectations of the market. We are the European leader within credit management services, and with the Nordic heritage at heart we try every day to challenge our ways of working to develop and innovate the industry we compete in. This means that we expect high standards from our selves and our values guides us in how we do business and how we work together.

Our job vacancies right now

We believe that it is our people that enables us to be in the forefront of our industry, and our business is driven by building trust and fostering new ideas. For that we are always on the lookout for new talented people that can join our team and shape tomorrow's solutions.

Please visit our local recruitment sites to find our open job vacancies:

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"Join our international team for a career filled with opportunities to work on challenges large and small, local and international, easy and complex."

- Johanna Sundén, SVP Group HR

We live by our core values

As a company and as Lindorffers we take pride in putting our values to work every day, shaping the future of our industry. Our four core values lays the foundation for how we do business and drive performance. They are essential in order to reach our goals and succeed over time.  

Ethical business behavior is highly important for us and we have developed "Lindorff Business Principles" based on our core values.

Read more about Lindorff Business Principles here

Lindorffers being professional


  • I comply with our ethical standards, agreements and other commitments
  • I always act in a responsible, accountable and reliable way
  • I cooperate and provide the best service possible to exceed expectations from our customers, debtors, partners and my colleagues
Lindorffers are very customer oriented

Customer oriented

  • I inspire our customers, clients, partners and my colleagues by my total commitment and in-depth knowledge
  • I work closely with our customers to identify their needs and deliver optimal solutions
  • I take into account our customers' needs to enable continuous development of our services
Lindorffers are very performance oriented

Performance oriented

  • I understand what is expected of me, I set goals and I am result oriented
  • I take on big challenges, I am proactive and I deliver what I promise
  • I give and receive feedback in a constructive manner and I take responsibility to develop my skill
Lindorff is caring


  • I meet our clients, customers, partners and my colleagues with respect and I care about their success
  • I foster trust and an inclusive environment to build positive and lasting relations
  • I am open and honest and say only things about colleagues that I can say to them face to face