Lindorff International - debt collection abroad


Lindorff International solves 3 out of 4 international cases

Lindorff International handles debt collection in 170 countries.

Lindorff International has offices in four of our markets - Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland - in addition to handling cases through our offices in Russia, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. It consists of employees with a high competence as well as a wide range of experiences within legal issues, debt collection across borders and are fluent in several languages: French, German, Spanish, Punjabi,  Urdu and Persian in addition to English and the Nordic languages.

When working with foreign receivables, Lindorff cooperates with partners in more than 170 countries. All clients of Lindorff are assigned a personal executive officer.

Lindorff International is a member of the largest debt collection networks in the world:

  • LIC (League International for Creditors)
  • FEBIS (Federation of Business Information Services)
  • FENCA (Federation of European National Collection Associations)
  • ALQ (American Lawyers Company – Quarterly law list) 

For more information, contact:

Rune Ohlgren

SWEDEN: Stefan Borensjö

DENMARK: Nicki Thomsen

FINLAND: Annika Miemois


RUSSIA: Tatiana Zaytseva