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Helping people towards sustainable spending

Helping people manage credit is our business and it has been since 1898. With fairness and firmness we work to restore customers, because settling debt is good for the economy and good for people.
Lindorffer is discussion
Across Europe our 4400 Lindorffers talk to people in different stages of the credit value chain.

We talk to people

We talk to the young student who forgot to pay an invoice and wonders how to get even on the amount he owns. We talk to the elderly couple who is behind on their bills and need help to prioritize what to pay first. We talk to the single unemployed mother who doesn't know how to make the ends meet. This is what we do. Every day.


To optimize our service, we have researched and found the people behind the numbers. Our customer personas.

Across Europe our 4400 Lindorffers talk to people in different stages of the credit value chain. Before and after the due date. This is our experitise, what we have been doing for over 100 years. But how can we best help customers pay when every customer situation is different? We have taken a deep dive into our own vaste databases and identified the people behind the numbers, the customer personas. By knowing who they are and how they think, we can give them a better customer service and help restoring them towards a life of sustainable spending.


"A workable payment plan was all it took. Being in control of my finances again is a huge relief. Now, I can plan future investments without the burden of existing bad debt".

Young people might not have that much experience with credit. Lindorff can help you back to sustainable spending.
"I just want to have fun. I don't even know how to pay a paper bill".

Restoring customers

Helping people towards sustainable spending means an improved quality of life for our customers, predictable payments for our clients and a society of fairer trade. Our obligation lies with restoring our customers and helping both our clients and their customers staying above the credit line. 

Whatever the situation, knowing our customers is the first step in helping them back to sustainable spending.

Here is how it works:
When we meet The One Timer, which is actually 17 % of our customer base, we know that they have never been in contact with a collection company before. They might be stressed, scared and perhaps a bit confused on what the collection notice they received actually means. Our Lindorffers are trained specifically to help this customer and are equipped with the tools for creating a trustworthy and open dialogue. They can guide the customer on the right path to help them solve their case and become profitable customers for our clients again. 

So, balancing speed of payment, rate of payment and customer satisfaction is key to our clients and to our success. And how we help has a direct effect on how we succeed as a company. If we are too hard, customer satisfaction and client relationship are damaged. Are we too soft, our speed and rate of payment fall. Just right, in a caring and professional manner, and we successfully restored yet another customer.


"I think of my self as a prompt payer. I simply don't understand how I forgot to pay this invoice".

Our service offerings

When our clients send us the case, we already know that they need their money quickly and reliably. Equally importantly they want their customer to come back to them afterwards and they trust in us to make this happen. Reducing churn and restoring customers. In Lindorff, we take pride in how we do ethical business and how we strive to drive the innovation and operational effectiveness in our industry.


We provide services along the credit management value chain, before and after invoice due date, for over 20.000 clients across Europe.

We offer services within debt collection and debt purchase, as well as invoice and payment services.

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