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Digital by default

Our industry is facing disruptive change. It is our responsibility to continue innovating to create better solutions for our customers and clients.
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"I need an easy and intuative overview of my debt, so I can focus on quality time with my family when I'm off work"

Higher expectations

We are all adapting to the changes internet and smart phones have brought to the table. We have higher expectations of digital portals, of intuitive solutions and the fact that we have the ability to choose which channel to communicate with. If it is chat, e-mail, SMS, phone or in person conversation. Whatever suits our personal preferences. 

Here at Lindorff, we do not take this for granted.

We know that in order to succeed in business and help customers back to a life of sustainable spending, we need to be where the customers are. We need to deliver the best user experience in all our digital channels. Big data, social media, robotics, seamless and integrated solutions are all topics we need to adapt to.

That's why our ambission is to be digital by default. For us that means that we need to meet the expectations our clients and customers have, and to leverage on speed and innovation to deliver a unique customer experience to fit the needs of the people we talk to.

So, how do we do it?

For us, leveraging digitalisation to deliver customer value is in our DNA and lies within the core of our business. New technologies are enabling change, and by understanding the situation of those we talk to and combining this with the data we have in-house, we are able to not only predict actions but also identify the best way of helping customers back to a life of sustainable spending as well as reducing churn for our clients. This is why our customer personas are so important in the work we do everyday.

Digitalisation enables self-service, insight and efficiency

We offer a broad array of digital channels which are continuously developed to meet the needs of those we talk to. Through our self-service channels we enable easy access to simple transactions for our customers. We are accelerating automation through robotics and also partnering with new innovative service providers in order to be early adopters of new solutions. We set the pace for our industry and we are not planning to slow down.

We are currently improving the face of Lindorff in all digital areas and introducing new functionality across all channels. This will lead to easier log in to our self-service portals, clearer information for clients and customers and better navigation.

Interested to learn more about how we can help restore your customers? Please visit our local country pages.


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"I know that I have a habit of impulse buying, and from time to time I loose track of what I owe. Thanks to Lindorff I can have a direct payment in the customer portal and can settle my debt right away".