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Our business practice principles

As the leading independent expert on credit management services, we have an obligation of setting the example of our industry and how the financial industry should develop.

Our committment

Naturally, in all our business activities we comply with applicable laws and we act in an ethical, professional and caring way. Our focus lies in operating in a sustainable and socially responsible manner, and also practice good corporate governance. For us, it's very important that we maintain an open dialogue on these issues both internally in the company and externally with clients, customer and partners.

Our code of conduct is based on our core values, our high ethical standards and how the local Lindorffers in all our offices act and work.

In order to make sure that all of our countries are aligned, we have developed the “Lindorff Business Practice Principles”. The aim of Lindorff's Business Practice Principles is to encourage and uphold appropriate behaviors in a way in which we undertake business activities within the company.



"We believe that business success in demanding markets can be achieved without compromising ethical principles and international norms."

- Vibeke Ly, SVP Group Compliance and Legal Counsel.

Our key elements

We take pride in our high focus of ethical behavior, being compliant while conducting business on behalf of our clients. Our vision, values and principles are the key to enable us to conduct ethical business across all our markets, and we have highlighted some of the key elements below.

Lindorff always conduct good debt collection practice

Good debt collection practice

We conduct all debt collection activities according to good debt collection practices. That means that we shall always act professional, fair and will not be subjected to debt collection methods that expose the customer to unreasonable pressure, damage or inconvenience.

Anti-fraud and corruption

In Lindorff, we have a zero tolerance towards fraud and corruption. We will always respect and have a proactive approach towards our suppliers, clients and other business partners’ rules for gifts, trips, event participation and expense settlements. We are opposed to corruption in all forms and are committed to conducting business in accordance with the high ethical standards reflected in our business practice principles.

Whistle blower

All Lindorffers have a right and an obligation to report any unethical behaviour. To support this, we have established an Ethical Council to receive and handle, in full confidentiality, at the earliest stage possible, all reports made about any occurrence.

Lindorffers discussing competition compliance

Competition compliance

We believe in fair and open competition and we conduct our business in accordance with applicable competition and anti-trust laws in the markets in which we operate. We will not engage in or tolerate anyone who engages in anti-competitive behaviour such as price fixing, bid rigging, market sharing, and exchange of competitively sensitive information or abuse of market power.

Lindorffers discussing

Information security

In Lindorff, we are committed to high standards of security to safeguard the information about our clients and customers. The protection of personal data and other confidential information is key to our business, and we take an active role in developing best practices within our business in the European market. Information security is a priority, and an integrated part of all our activities, from the training of our people, to our follow-up of suppliers and partners.